COVID-19 Store Procedures

As Health Mutts is 100% dedicated to producing and selling animal food, which is considered a necessity, we will be at work our usual hours, making food and treats.

However, like many other businesses, Health Mutts has significantly changed the way we interact with you and may continue to change. This is protect our staff as well as you. We are a small business with a small staff and at this time it is of utmost importance to keep staff safe, as well as you.

For all customers, our current shopping protocol is as follows:
1. Order in advance and pay by credit card or etransfer and call when you arrive / schedule a pickup and we can bring your food out.
2. We are keeping the small area by the cash open for those who cannot pay by etransfer or credit card in advance PLEASE ONLY USE THIS IF YOU absolutely cannot pay by etransfer or credit card over the phone. Please DO NOT come into the store if someone else is inside. We will tell you when it is OK to come in. We do not have enough room for more than one person at a time to ensure distance from staff and each other and we are disinfecting the door and desk between customers. One person at a time. No exceptions. No dogs are permitted at this time, either.
3. We can provide free delivery in HRM for all orders over $75, prepaid over the phone or etransfer. Orders under $75 there is a $5 delivery charge. Deliveries will be left outside your home at a predetermined time.
4. There are no delivery fees for essential services workers, seniors/immune compromised and those self isolating because of travel or possible exposure.
5. Please do not buy more than you need. All of our customers depend on our product availability for their pets. Not all are able to store or stockpile food, and our food is made in small batches to keep it healthy and delicious. Orders are now restricted to no more than a month's worth per home at a time.
6. Please continue to support small businesses. We, and others depend on it.
7. Our website remains open for shipping of all freeze dried products, anywhere in Canada

We will be reducing store hours to facilitate delivery and pick up logistics but will remain open. Please check here or call ahead to confirm.

Thank you to our community for your continued support.

Be safe, and look out for each other. We are all in this together.

-Lycan, Gunni, Spock and our human servants.