COVID19 procedures update and some changes.

As some businesses are loosening up procedures we just wanted to update on news and our current procedures going forward.

New customers/Customers needing consults for diet plans:

We are reopening for in store consults and people wishing to switch to our products, normally this is available on a drop in basis but for now we're asking you to contact us first and we will set up a time. We are able to set up an area where we can discuss your pet and dietary requirements or concerns while maintaining safe distance, show our products and options to new customers and help you get started.

We do also provide free samples to those considering switching from another raw brand to ours. If you have been sick, out of the country or possibly exposed to COVID19 please do not come in, we can reschedule or do a consult online or on the phone.

Products: Our product supply remains consistent so there are no shortages within our regular product lines. Although meat prices remain volatile we have not changed our prices and hope that things will even out soon so we do not have to. Some product options are listed at this link:…/n…/a-guide-to-health-mutts-products

Cleaning and sanitizing: As we regularly handle raw meat and food, we already use regular, best practice cleaning methods to ensure food safety and no cross contamination. We are also sanitizing doors, and the pin pad on our machine regularly.

Ordering: Please call, email or use our online order form to place your order if you would like curb side or quick pick up.  We are allowing customers in the store, however you must wear a mask. Packing your order and using reusable bags/containers is still encouraged.

Deliveries are available within HRM are available onThursdays if ordered and paid for by the day before. Deliveries normally take place at the end of the day (4-6 pm depending on the number of deliveries).

Thank you to all for continuing to adapt to these new ways of business and continue feeding our products to your pets. We hope that things will return to a new normal sooner rather than later, but in the mean time, encourage everyone to stay safe 

Order form:…/1FAIpQLSey_oBTyTbyO0Vkg…/viewform…



Phone: 902.446.8887