Info re COVID19

Be Prepared!

We have had a few people concerned about COVID-19, possible quarantining, whether we are open and food for their pets.

As it stands, Health Mutts is open regular hours. On the chance that our operations are impacted it will be posted here, on our instagram and on our website, and we will attempt to find a way to still feed your pets 

Since the majority of our business is processing raw meat, we already have an above average cleaning procedure that disinfects surfaces and dishes regularly, so surfaces are fully cleaned several times a day.

If any of our staff feel they have been exposed to the virus or are experiencing illness they will be remaining home until it is safe to return.

If you are sick or may have been exposed to the virus, and/or are under self quarantine, we can provide local delivery upon request for any frozen or freeze dried orders which are prepaid (credit card or etransfer). A nominal delivery charge may apply for orders under $75 and timing of delivery would be prearranged and left outdoors at your home for safety of staff. You can also order and prepay by credit card or etransfer and send someone else to pick up your order.

Online orders of freeze dried food/supplements through our website are also available for shipping anywhere in Canada.

Keep washing your hands and take necessary precautions.