Health Mutts Signature Frozen Line

Our signature line is locally produced single protein foods from happy healthy, grass fed, pasture raised animals. Processed in small batches and intended to be used as a component diet. That means, matching poultry and red meats, veggies, and other supplementation.

Sounds complicated? It's not. We help you come up with menus for your pet to ensure you're not missing things. These products are great for DIYers, people trying to avoid a certain protein for allergy or other reasons. We offer some boneless products which can also help balance diets for our feline friends. 

Our NUK line is great for people who want a more "all in one" type of product. 

Health Mutts has a variety of frozen raw meals for dogs and cats. We use locally sourced, free range, fresh meat and process it in house in small batches. We offer different proteins, meant to be fed as a component diet. We recommend a minimum of 3 proteins (50% red meat and 50% poultry) and encourage you to add in sardines and appropriate fruits and veggies. Our poultry products contain meat, organ and bone and our red meats include meat and organs. Seasonal proteins are only available when our supplier has them. Nutritional analysis on all products is also available.

Our frozen products are made into 75 gram patties and are sold by bulk, so you can get as many or as little as you need, as well as customize your pet's diet to add variety. 

30 Puck bags $29.00

60 Puck bags $57.00

144 flat patty boxes $122.40 (best deal)

150 Puck bags $135.00

Frozen products are currently only available in the store. We cannot ship them.