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A Guide to Health Mutts products

Health Mutts makes a variety of raw and freeze dried healthy and innovative products for your pets. Health Mutts frozen meals are made into 75 gram pucks, which are convenient for all sized dogs and even cats! Smaller puck sizes allow you to thaw out what you need and create meals with variety amongst Health Mutts and other products. The feeding guide is based on traditional raw feeding amounts (approximately 2% of body weight for most normally active adult pets). Puppies, breeding females, working dogs and senior pets may require different amounts.

The Nature's Ultimate K9 (NUK) blend contains human grade beef, pork and bone in chicken, organs (min 5% liver), broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and fermented raw goat's milk. With a good balance of proteins, meat, liver, organ and bone, and the addition of raw fermented milk and veggies, this is one of the most complete, affordable raw products available. Fermented raw milk increases food safety by innolating the product with good bacteria. Raw milk is also considered a reproductive, complete food. We recommend supplementing with oily fish and eggs. Available frozen or freeze dried.

NUK pork contains human grade pork meat, organ (min 5% liver) and bone, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and fermented raw goat's milk. Great for limited protein diets and as part of a component diet.

Health Mutts single proteins are intended for component diets, that means they should be balanced between red meats and poultry, and supplemented with veggies, fermented foods, raw milk, eggs and fish. We do not include anything other than single proteins in these products - as they are frequently used for dogs with sensitivities, allergies and for special diets like ketogenics. Buddy’s Blend Booster, fish and eggs will balance a 50% red meat, 50% poultry diet with these products to National Research Council (NRC) standards. Health Mutts can assist with creating a fully balanced diet if a pet has special dietary needs or limitations.

Free range chicken contains human grade whole ground chickens (skin removed to lower fat). These chickens graze outdoors and have a varied diet and lots of room to run around and forage on pasture. Free range/pastured chickens are healthier, tastier and have better balanced omega oils. Health Mutts free range chicken contains chicken meat, organs (min 5% liver) and bone. The bone content is higher than traditional raw blends, as it is meant to be fed as a complementary food with the boneless red meats in the Health Mutts line.

Free range turkey is also made from whole turkeys, skin removed. The turkeys graze outdoors and have access to a variety of foods and forage. They’re tastier and healthier. Turkey contains turkey meat, organ (min 5% liver) and bones. Like chicken, the bone content is higher as it’s meant to be fed as a complementary food with red meats.

Grass Fed Beef uses whole beef (yes even the tenderloin!) from local farms. It is made from human grade inspected meat and organs. Beef is formulated with beef muscle meat and organs (min 5% liver) but does not contain bone. Grass fed beef is considered to have a healthier ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. It often contains higher levels of antioxidants like vitamin E and A.

Pork is made from cuts of pork loin, with organs (min 5% liver). It does not contain bone. We recommend a balance of 50% red meats and 50% poultry.

Supplemental foods:
Green Tripe and Atlantic Mackerel: These pucks are made from a 50/50 blend of green mutton, goat and beef tripe with ground whole mackerel. Intended for supplemental feeding to get the benefits of tripe including s lactobacillus acidophilus which keeps unwanted bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella, and listeria under control. Another benefit of raw green tripe is digestive enzyme particularly amylase, which is not naturally produced by dogs and cats, but a helpful component of good digestion.

Mixed lung: For supplemental feeding, we use a mixture of beef, goat and mutton lung, which is rich in B vitamins, iron, and collagen.

* Tripe and lung are available based on supply of raw materials.

* Other individual, free range/pasture raised frozen meal products are available in season or by special order. These include duck, goat, mutton.