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The Dogs

As a group of dog lovers, our experience and raison d'etre is our dogs. Since our opening, many customers have had the chance to meet our inspirations for what we do.

Nuk (2000-2017) Founder and President:

Nuk is why Health Mutts exists, and remains the inspiration for the company - check out his story on "Our Story." Our most popular product (Nature's Ultimate K9 - NUK) was named in his honour. After dealing with his health and digestive issues, and then becoming frustrated and disgusted by the pet food industry, Selena and Danny started on a journey that led them to learn about grooming, pet hydrotherapy and finally, pursue a Certificate in Canine Nutrition.

Lycan: Head of Operations and Toy Management

Most people are greeted by Lycan when they come into our store. Lycan is a McNab Cattle Dog x Border Collie mix, born to raw fed parents in 2016. He has been raised naturally, by Selena and carries on Nuk's legacy. With a healthy, natural start to life, Lycan is a biome donor and while he prefers toys to anything else, he is one of our taste testers for treats and food. He has been weaned from mom, to raw goats milk then completely raised on Health Mutts food. Interesting fact: we have customers who come to the store JUST to play with him. He also knows several tricks... but don't call him Bruce Lee!

Gunni: Kitchen Manager

Gunni is a Dogo Argentino (Argentinian Mastiff) born in 2017. He was born to raw fed parents who also own a similarly focused raw food store in Ontario ( Gunni was weaned to raw food and has continued on with a fully raw diet since coming to live with Danny in Nova Scotia. Gunni loves whole food, in particular, pig tails (crunch, crunch). Gunni likes to cuddle with his kitchen-mate, Spock and is a ham when asked to do tricks. He does an awesome "monster face" smile.

Reba Downie: The Boss (Miniature American Shepherd) 

This red-headed, firecracker of a public relations manager keeps all her boys in check. She’s been a raw fed, minimally vaccinated pup right from her start with her amazing breeder at Marsh's Mini's - She's an all natural gal and her regular blood panels show that she is in top condition. This girl is the brains behind Reba's Remedy! This 8 year old gal shows up all of her boys in the yard. 

Spock: Head of Quality Control and Pre-Rinse dishwasher RIP Sweet Boy

Born in Texas in 2012, Spock is a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) who was raised on a combo of kibble and raw. Always ready to keep our chefs working under strict supervision!