Freeze Drying is the gold standard of food preservation. Our treat line up includes single protein treats with nothing added. Freeze dried in house in our freeze driers. Our regular products are:

  • Doggie Crack (mix of proteins)
  • Beef Sampler 
  • Beef Heart 
  • Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese
  • Holy Mackerel 
  • Reba’s Dehydrated mutton crisps
  • Chicken Sampler
  • Chicken Hearts 
  • Tripe
  • Novel Proteins (mutton, goat duck)
  • Pork mix 
  • kitchen sink (blended mix of everything but the kitchen sink!)0

All treats are sold in 80-100 g bags for $10- $13 per bag (excluding cheeses).  Buy here.