Whole foods


We have a variety of raw meaty bones, which can be used as a meal replacement as well as recreational bones and bones for making bone broth. We have raw, meaty bones in beef, mutton and goat. Recreational/bone broth bones are available in mutton, pork and beef. Bones are nature's toothbrush, and help keep gums and teeth healthy. Bones range from $3.16 per lb to $8.00 per lb depending on the protein source. 

 We also have Rabbit heads, pig tails, turkey necks, duck gizzards, sardines, mackerel, salmon and other fun things! Message us to see what we have in stock!

Raw Goats Milk/Kefir

Come check out one of our most favourite products! Raw Goats Milk! Raw milk is a naturally reproductive food meant to sustain life! There are so many benefits to consuming the most complete food on the planet - including but not limited to actually CURING as follows!

•Liver disease
•Heavy metal poisoning
•Kidney disease
•Kidney stones
•GI disease
•Poor digestion


Quail Eggs 12 for $5

Beef Bones $4.54/ LB

Novel bones $5.90/ LB

Mackerel $2.00 per fish

Sardines 8 for $3

Rabbit Heads/Legs $3.50

Rabbit Feet - Freeze dried $1 each

Chicken/Duck Feet $1 each 

Rabbit Twists $1 each

Tripe Twists $1 each (out of stock)

Haddock Skin Twist (out of stock)

Duck gizzards 1lb $5

Whole small free range chickens $4.54 per pound

Whole small salmon $5 per pound

Salmon fillets and chunks $5 per pound