Whole foods


We have a variety of raw meaty bones, which can be used as a meal replacement as well as recreational bones and bones for making bone broth. We have raw, meaty bones in beef, mutton and goat. Recreational/bone broth bones are available in mutton, pork and beef. Bones are nature's toothbrush, and help keep gums and teeth healthy. Bones range from $2.50 per lb to $7.00 per lb depending on the protein source. 


Raw Goats Milk/Kefir

Come check out one of our most favourite products! Raw Goats Milk! Raw milk is a naturally reproductive food meant to sustain life! There are so many benefits to consuming the most complete food on the planet - including but not limited to actually CURING as follows!

•Liver disease
•Heavy metal poisoning
•Kidney disease
•Kidney stones
•GI disease
•Poor digestion