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Frozen or Freeze dried Raw Products

Our Menu

Health Mutts has a variety of frozen raw meals for dogs and cats. We use locally sourced, free range, fresh meat and process it in house in small batches. We offer five different proteins, meant to be fed as a component diet. We recommend a minimum of 3 proteins (50% red meat and 50% poultry) and encourage you to add in sardines and appropriate fruits and veggies. Our poultry products contain meat, organ and bone and our red meats include meat and organs. Seasonal proteins are only available when our supplier has them. Nutritional analysis on all products is also available.

Our frozen products are made into 75 gram patties and are sold by bulk, so you can get as many or as little as you need, as well as customize your pet's diet to add variety. 

Frozen products are currently only available in the store. We cannot ship them. Bulk discounts and bring your own bag discounts are available, please ask in store. All following proteins can be ordered for pickup on the preorder tab.


Chicken and Turkey $1.35 per 75 gram puck

Duck/Goose (seasonal) $1.85 per 75 gram puck

Red Meats:

Beef  $1.35 per 75 gram puck.

Mutton/Goat (seasonal) $1.85 per 75 gram puck.

Pork 90 cents per puck

Nature's Ultimate K9 (NUK)

Along with our free range Health Mutts frozen food line, we sell a protein blended, balanced raw diet made from human grade meats. These are not guaranteed to be free range, but all meet or exceed grocery store quality. NUK contains chicken, beef and pork meat, organ and bones (in species appropriate ratios), along with low glycemic vegetables and raw goat's milk. NUK is balanced, meeting meat/organ/bone requirements as well as three protein sources, but we recommend occasionally feeding mutton, turkey or duck for variety, as well as adding some fish.

NUK is available in bulk by the 75 gram puck as well, for 90 cents per puck. 


We have a variety of raw meaty bones, which can be used as a meal replacement as well as recreational bones and bones for making bone broth. We have raw, meaty bones in beef, mutton and goat. Recreational/bone broth bones are available in mutton, pork and beef. Bones are nature's toothbrush, and help keep gums and teeth healthy. Bones range from $2.50 per lb to $7.00 per lb depending on the protein source. 

Treats and more

Buddy's Blend Booster is a freeze dried blend of veggies, seeds and other stuff great to help balance most commercial raw diets to NRC standards.

We have a variety of single protein freeze dried treats (beef heart, chicken heart, liver, tripe, fish skins etc), freeze dried veggies, eggs, kefir, raw goat's milk, etc.  Treats are sold bulk, and veggies, kefir etc are packaged. 

Locally sourced

Health Mutts creates products to feed your dog as nature intended. That’s why we source our meat and poultry from the Oulton's family, a local farm called Martock Glen in Windsor, N.S. We look for suppliers who meet our standards for free range content, with no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. Our select products are prepared according to the highest standards of freshness.

A visit to Martock Glen Farm in Windsor N.S.

Whole prey

Following how dogs ate in the wild, we designed a menu based on the rough proportions of each animal. For example, chickens start by having the fatty skins, necks and wings removed to lower the fat and bone content, each chicken is then double ground with a heart and liver. Large ruminant animals such as beef are a composite recipe of 90% lean meat and includes heart and liver. For quality purposes we do not use fillers or gluten based cereals, nor do we cook our products. No vegetable matter or supplements are added either, a variety are available and can be added at the time of feeding, a perfect solution for allergic pets. The end result works best with a dog’s digestive system and taste buds.

Targeted nutrition

Each dog is unique in size, age, energy, and healthiness and some breeds require specific supplements. Our staff study the best and latest research in animal nutrition. That’s why we talk with you to before we design your dog’s diet. In addition to a product, we provide valuable advice on nutrition. Where required, we balance your dogs protein diet with wholesome local eggs, fruits, and vegetables.


We want you to know what you are feeding your dog, its nutritive value, as well as where it comes from. Farmers like Mike Oulton in Windsor are a part of our network and use the most humane practices in raising their animals. Our transparency is so you know the full, truthful story of what you are feeding your pet and where it comes from, so you can have complete confidence. We have an open kitchen door policy, at any time you are welcome to see our products being made. We are the only pet food company that does this.


We want to feed your animals to the same standards that we feed ourselves and our own dog. That means getting to know you and your animal. We encourage customers to register with us so can we build a file for each animal to record and track its vital statistics and diet and to suggest changes as it develops or ages.

Convenient and cost effective

Our bulk selection of freeze dried and frozen patty products are the easiest, most economical way to feed raw. No muss, no fuss, no wasted shopping time. Call today! We do not deliver but arrangements can be made for special needs or emergencies.

How our products are made and sold

Being local, we’re close to our suppliers.

We know the farmers and how they raise their stock. Fresh supplies arrive directly from the farm and we process ourselves. We take advantage of the seasonality of animal harvesting and our selection can vary accordingly.

Meats are immediately ground. Some is shaped into individual patties, and then flash frozen for retail sales. Some is placed into trays for flash freezing and freeze-drying. Our products often go from farm to finish in less than 48hrs. Our procedures are trying to set an industry standard for minimum nutrient loss and maximum hygiene. Because of this extra effort, the product is as close to fresh raw as you can get with the least amount of denaturing to the nutritional value.

Our kitchen is designed and maintained to the highest standards. We invite you to see our kitchen or meet our farmers.

Freeze Dried in Bulk Form.

Freeze drying has long been known as the most effective means to conserve nutrients but is not used by many dog food makers because of the cost. Health Mutts is the first company to bring dog owners the convenience and savings of bulk buying freeze dried product. You can buy as much or as little as you require. By taking a bulk barn approach you achieve the following benefits:

  1. No frills cost savings
  2. Easy to rotate or combine products and create a custom diet  (Build a Bag)
  3. Complete nutritional information and sourcing transparency
  4. Great to store without taking up freezer space
  5. Great for travel
  6. Timesavings. No long waits or defrosting require
  7. No mess, just add water and serve.
  8. Did we mention dogs LOVE it!  Supplements that can be used as treats!                                                                 …and watch out for your cat!