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Welcome to Health Mutts Wholesale!

Why are our prices lower here than at our retail partners?
We are wholesale! For now, we provide to our retailers at the same price we sell to our customers. This may change, we are an ever changing business and we will always push to adapt, rather than make our product unavailable.
As a small, local production facility, wanting to change the way of the pet industry, we were never set up as an extremely high profit business. We hated what we saw in the industry and we wanted to change it.
Therefore we basically have always sold our products wholesale to the public, large beautifully packaged garbage bags full of Nük pucks, or packing your own.
During the pandemic we’ve gone through numerous changes - adapting to survive.
It certainly hasn't been easy with inflating prices, staff shortages and extra packaging costs.
So here we are again, making changes, adapting to survive to try and keep our products available, abundant, convenient and cost effective - hoping to make this year more sustainable than last.
Now we’re a real live wholesaler!
We have always had our products available at Planet Paws Dartmouth (largely because of our relationship with Rodney). But this year we are so excited to partner with Jollytails (Intercolonial, Lady Hammond, and Joseph Zatzman) and have them carry a large portion of our products!
Jollytails have been leading raw retailers for a number of years and are well versed in using and selling raw products. (and will of course have us at their disposal)
Their three locations will make access much easier for our current and future HM customers and will likely carry a wider selection of our products (different bag sizes, more treat options etc.)
As well as our larger bulk boxes.
So we encourage everyone to support these amazing local businesses.
The changes here to make us more “wholesale” will consist of streamlining some products, and unfortunately the HM line of pure proteins will for the most part be phased out (low demand and not overly user friendly).
The small 2.5lb bags will also be discontinued (high cost).
Also making sure our retailers are fully stocked and ready to provide to their/our clients collectively - which will sometimes mean a smaller inventory at our facility.
These measures are an attempt to mitigate the rising costs in materials and labour without major price increases.
We pride ourselves in being an educational resource for raw feeding and will continue to do consults and educate pet owners.