We make and sell a wide variety of supplemental products made in house to support joint health, digestive health, kennel cough, and help with balancing your commercial kibble and raw diets where they may be deficient.

We carry local Atlantic Canadian made fish collagen that is hydrolyzed, kosher and made from only white fish with scales.

Reba’s Remedy Hemp Supplement 

 Also carrying the entire line of Adored Beast supplements including the most popular “Fido’s Flora” one of the only species appropriate supplements on the market.

Some of our key supplements are our Kefir infusions, designed to enhance bioavailability of individual ingredients through food synergy. 

Buddy's Blend Booster is a great way to fill in gaps common in raw diets. 

Buddy's Blends are freeze dried organs designed to help those who make their own raw foods. 

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