Nature's Ultimate K9 (NUK)

Our most popular frozen product, NUK is an easy to use product that provides a good balance of ingredients, with different proteins, meat, organ and bone, and low glycemic veggies!

Along with our free range Health Mutts frozen food line, we sell a protein blended, balanced raw diet made from human grade meats. These are not guaranteed to be free range, but all meet or exceed grocery store quality. NUK is balanced, meeting meat/organ/bone requirements as well as three protein sources, but we recommend occasionally feeding mutton, turkey or duck for variety, as well as adding some fish.

Check out how NUK compares to AAFCO guidelines

Available by the 75 gram puck for $1 a puck. Bags of 15 $15, Bags of 30 $29, Bags of 60 $57, 150 $135.00 or box of 144 $122.40 


A second product in our NUK line is Pork and Vegetables. This is pork based, with just pork meat, organ and bone used for proteins, as well as the same veggies.  This is balanced from a meat/bone/organ perspective but would require additional supplementation for vitamins and minerals. We do not recommend Pork & Veg to be the sole food used without supplementation (yes, we can help) but it has been very effective with some of our allergy clients.

Available by the 75 gram puck for $1.00 a puck. Bags of 150 are $135.00  (a discounted bulk price)