We want you to know what you are feeding your dog, its nutritive value, as well as where it comes from. Farmers like Mike Oulton in Windsor are a part of our network and use the most humane practices in raising their animals. Our transparency is so you know the full, truthful story of what you are feeding your pet and where it comes from, so you can have complete confidence. We have an open kitchen door policy, at any time you are welcome to see our products being made. We are the only pet food company that does this.

Other Suppliers:

Atlantic Beef

Armstrong Pork

Eden Valley Chicken

Merex Seafood (Halifax Local)

Afishionado/Sustainable Blue (Halifax Local)

RQ Rabbitry (Capebreton)

Providence Quail (Local Halifax)

Please contact us for a complete nutritional analysis of our free range and Nuk lines.