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Bovine Colostrum

Bovine Colostrum has over 250 beneficial substances like antibodies, vitamins, minerals, lactoferrin and essential fats and can be used to help treat a plethora of ailments in dogs and humans alike! 


This “first milk” of cows has a number of first aid benefits - starting with gastrointestinal healing (for diarrhea and leaky gut) to cellular repair, tissue healing, immune boosting, joint health, ligament repair and even some cancers.


Colostrum may also be used topically by making a paste for things like abscesses, wound healing, rash and HOT SPOTS! I can’t wait to go home and try this for Dallas! 


Colostrum is even proven to help manage under or overactive immune systems without completely shutting down the immune system like many immunosuppressant drugs. Warding off toxins and helping regulate blood cell production and controlling allergies to a certain degree.


Colostrum has even been studied and shown to fight lyme disease as effectively as doxycycline!


Colostrum is something to introduce very slowly and 1/16 of a tsp is typically used for each 25lbs of body weight. 

This potent little package sells at Health Mutts for $21 for a 35g bag.