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The Raw Truth

We are not kibble. We are raw.

Many new studies on animal nutrition point out the limitations of feeding kibble to your animal.

Most kibble is made with the by-products of mass processing that could not be used for anything else. The percentage of meat protein may be very low, with vegetables and starches making up the bulk of the product. Even if you start with the best ingredients there would still be little to no naturally occurring nutritional value after the extreme and repetitive cooking process. What kibbles have in common is a finished product that requires a flavor coating and a premix of synthetic vitamins and minerals to be edible. Most of these additives are manufactured offshore and of questionable quality or longevity.

So-called “balanced diets” are in truth overly processed, and do not relate to your animal’s digestive tract.

Often, the results of long time kibble feeding become apparent in allergies and skin issues, loss of energy, joint and mobility issues, and regularity and stool issues. Many pets die prematurely due to liver and kidney failures or serious cancers. How can we think that generations of synthetic based nutrition in our companion animals are not taking its toll? 

Raw feeding is growing among many pet owners that believe going back to basics is the way nature intends your dog to feed. Health Mutts is your best option to achieve that standard.

We are raw.

There is a trend to raw feeding among dog owners who explore the subject. We like to start with your dog’s weight, age, breed, and health issues if any. The basics for a raw feeding include a rotation of at least three different protein sources, a fish, eggs and a very small amount of vegetables and berries or a few table scraps (yes, we encourage table scraps). More choices are better. This diet contains all the necessary nutrition and supplements are an optional bonus you can add in as required or desired.